The Team at Austbrokers SPT

The backbone of our business is our people.

We have an experienced team of insurance brokers and risk managers ready to help you.  Get in touch.

Directors & Senior Management


Brian Salisbury - Director


Arthur Kinnas - Director


Peter Hanna - Director

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David Smuk - Business Relationship Manager
Schemes & Affinity

Roslyn James - Staff & Operations Manager

Account Managers

Katie Winter - Account Manager

Brenda Duncan-Smith - Account Manager

Account Executives


Arthur Hatzinikolis - Account Executive - New Business Development

Brooke Grey - Account Executive


Fiona Swaysland - Account Executive


Cheryl Chalmers - Senior Account Executive


Melanie Denmeade - Account Executive


Niki Robinson - Account Executive


Janet Saxberg - Account Executive


Lorraine Ayscough - Account Executive

Joanne Ross - Account Executive


Marcy Parker - Account Executive

Alisha Wilson - Account Executive


Holly Nicholls - Claims Manager

Anastasiia Ryan - Claims Consultant

Natalie Wilson - Claims Consultant



Carla Broder - Marketing Coordinator

Lisa Lehmann - Administration Assistant


Terri Gleeson - Administration Assistant

Leisa Johnson - Administration Assistant

Meet our global team

Uniba Partners

In a world where business crosses international borders, global insurance is a necessity. 

We can help you navigate the rules relating to insurance in foreign countries. Making sense of unfamiliar laws and requirements. 

  • As a member of the global insurance broker network, UNiBA Partners, we work with international counterparts to support your risk management, insurance buying and employee benefits needs worldwide.
  • We have relationships with wholesale brokers and underwriters offshore including in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Americas. These brokers and underwriters use their local knowledge and expertise to establish insurance programs that protect our clients’ overseas exposures. Typically, these programmes involve purchasing local policies in each country where the business operates or creating a master policy with difference in conditions or difference in limits coverage over and above the local policies.
  • Sourcing an insurer with international capabilities, negotiating the best coverage and reviewing risk exposures also forms part of the global insurance program.