If you home share, check your Personal Property Cover

If you home share, check your Personal Property Cover As of September last year, there were 251,000 short-term rentals registered across Australia, down from 400,000 pre-pandemic. However, not all short-term stays are registered. If you rent out your main residence, this article is for you. We’re sharing a swag of tips to help you manage your risks. […]

29 Straight seasons sponsoring Souths!

SPT Insurance has sponsored Southern Districts every season since 1993. To put that into context, Glen Ella was coaching the Rebels that year and Craig Kelly was starting in the front row. Sam Ryan of Rugby News  caught up with Principal, Brian Salisbury to find out why SPT has stayed involved with the club over […]

Why home replacement costs matter

Explainer: Why Home Replacement Cost Estimates Matter Up to eight in 10 homeowners are underinsured. It’s a problem the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is hoping to solve. It’s lobbying for the insurance industry to compel residential property owners to have a professional replacement and assessment report before they can be insured. What do quantity surveyors do? Quantity […]

Are You Doing These Things To Save on Tradie Insurance?


Australia is experiencing increasing skill shortages, with trade occupations’ notching the highest demand, according to the National Skills Commission’s latest annual report. There are a whopping 65 trades listed on its Skills Priority List. Chances are your tradie business has been run off its feet in your quest to meet demand. When’s the last time you reviewed your […]

100 year floods – what can we learn

What we can learn from our 100 year floods

What Can We Learn From Our 1-in-a-1000-Year Floods? As we’ve seen with the devastating northern NSW and Queensland floods – and costliest ever – earlier this year, a one-in-1,000-year flood doesn’t only occur every millennium. Despite the minuscule 0.1% chance of that type of flood happening in any location any year, it can occur in two consecutive years, says Weatherzone. […]

Tradies’ health risks explained

According to Safe Work Australia, tradespeople make up 30% of the workforce, but account for 58% of serious workplace injury claims. This article will cover how you can minimise your occupational health risks and encourage you to celebrate Tradies National Health Month this August. Wounds, lacerations, fractures, traumatic joint injuries, hearing loss, musculoskeletal disorders, mental […]