Are you overseas and looking to set up business in Australia? Here is some advice.


When we asked Peter Hanna, Director at Austbrokers SPT about his experience with overseas businesses looking to branch out to Australia, he said one of the most important things is to understand how the client plans to set up and operate their business here. Peter described a recent experience with a client establishing a business […]

Are You Doing These Things To Save on Tradie Insurance?


Australia is experiencing increasing skill shortages, with trade occupations’ notching the highest demand, according to the National Skills Commission’s latest annual report. There are a whopping 65 trades listed on its Skills Priority List. Chances are your tradie business has been run off its feet in your quest to meet demand. When’s the last time you reviewed your […]

100 year floods – what can we learn

What we can learn from our 100 year floods

What Can We Learn From Our 1-in-a-1000-Year Floods? As we’ve seen with the devastating northern NSW and Queensland floods – and costliest ever – earlier this year, a one-in-1,000-year flood doesn’t only occur every millennium. Despite the minuscule 0.1% chance of that type of flood happening in any location any year, it can occur in two consecutive years, says Weatherzone. […]

Numbers that matter: Knowing your policy limits


Every insurance policy has limits that state the maximum monetary figure that will be paid out in the event of a claim. Indeed, some policies will have multiple limits and sub-limits. This article will demystify the different types of limits you’re likely to encounter with your package of insurance coverage. You’ll find out about policy […]

Tradies’ health risks explained

According to Safe Work Australia, tradespeople make up 30% of the workforce, but account for 58% of serious workplace injury claims. This article will cover how you can minimise your occupational health risks and encourage you to celebrate Tradies National Health Month this August. Wounds, lacerations, fractures, traumatic joint injuries, hearing loss, musculoskeletal disorders, mental […]

The Insurance Cycle

International Insurance can be a balancing act

Insurance moves in cycles and right now we are in what we call a ‘hardening market”. Much like a clock, depending on where the cycle is placed, usually determines whether we are in a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ insurance market.

Insurance Claim – an inside view

Insurance exists to catch your fall

My goal is to keep you in business, keep the lights on and have trade kicking over. Peter Hanna Tweet   When you have an insurance claim you want to be working with an insurance broker   It’s safe to say, one of the biggest benefits to having an insurance broker is knowing there is […]

The risks you need to consider when doing business overseas

Operating Internationally? Here are some risks you may wish to consider… It is vital for organisations with an international footprint to ensure that the myriad of risks beyond the coronavirus remain a focus: Both domestic and international firms are exposed to risks, as indeed are we all. In the face of rising insurance premiums and […]

Commercial Legal Protection Insurance. What is it?

Three men standing around hard hats.

Commercial Legal Protection is designed to help SME businesses deal with unexpected legal issues not already covered by their other insurance policies. Intended to complement traditional SME policies, rather than substitute core insurance cover, the policy provides expert legal assistance when an insured really needs it and protects them from potentially crippling costs which will […]

What do you need to consider at renewal time?


Don’t leave your renewal to the last minute Don’t leave your insurance renewal to the last minute One of the things that has become obvious over the last few years in the insurance market is almost everything has changed. Insurers now ask for a great level of disclosure from clients and need this in advance […]