SPT Insurance has sponsored Southern Districts every season since 1993. To put that into context, Glen Ella was coaching the Rebels that year and Craig Kelly was starting in the front row. Sam Ryan of Rugby News  caught up with Principal, Brian Salisbury to find out why SPT has stayed involved with the club over so many year. 

Rugby News: Can you tell us about your connection to Southern Districts?

Brian Salisbury: I think we’d have to go close to holding the record as one of the longest running sponsors of the club. We first sponsored the club back in 1993 and have continued that for 29 years straight. Our business was established 47 years ago and we’ve spent a good number of those as a Southern Districts sponsor, which is something we’re really proud of. 

We also provide Southern Districts with their insurance each season and effectively what we’ve always done is give back to the club through sponsorship.

RN: What attracted you to Southern Districts and why do you keep coming back? 

BS: Initially, I got involved through some friends. John Greig, who is a life member, is an old mate of mine and he got me down to the club initially. But since we first arrived, we’ve always just found it to be a really comfortable and enjoyable community to be a part of. Whenever we’re down at Forshaw, we always run into friends, clients and colleagues and we’ve enjoyed doing that for almost 30 years now. 

RN: What can you tell us about SPT Insurance?

BS: We started back in 1975 from very humble beginnings and have grown the business over a number of years and are still based in the Sutherland Shire. We’re half owned by a public company named Austbrokers and we now work with a wide range of clients, from international corporations to local businesses. One of our points of difference is that we’re able to compete at all levels and use our expertise to help big corporations as well as local businesses. We also take pride in the fact that we’re based in the Sutherland Shire and work with many local businesses and organisations. 

“We’ve always just found it to be a really comfortable and enjoyable community to be a part of.”
Brian Salisbury, Principal Austbrokers SPT. 

RN: Can you tell us about some of the other organisations you support? 

BS: We’re also heavily involved in North Cronulla Surf Club and it’s great to see that the Sea Lice are playing tonight after first grade. We’ve established the Tommy Payne Memorial Grant at the surf club, which is named after my former partner who lost a battle with cancer a number of years ago. We’re also actively involved in supporting the St George and Sutherland Shire Medical Research Foundation, which is another organisation that we’re really passionate about. 

RN: There are a lot of business owners down at Southern Districts, why should they contact you? 

BS: We’ve been able to grow our business in the Sutherland Shire by listening to our clients and providing them with good advice. One of the best things about being a local business is that you sink or swim by your reputation. If you’re a local business and you do the wrong thing, everyone knows about it. But when you do good things, word gets out and now the large majority of our business comes from local referrals as it has for many years. We like to connect with like minded businesses in our local area and it would be great to work with more businesses that are involved with Southern Districts. 

RN: Have you been keeping an eye on Southern Districts so far this year? 

BS: I have been and there’s been a few tight losses this year unfortunately, like last week against Western Sydney. It seems like all the parts are in place and the first grade side has a lot of upside in them. It’s just a matter of getting everything to click and hopefully that can happen today against Randwick. Everyone always wants to beat the Galloping Greens. 

Go the Souths! 

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