Personal Cyber Insurance

Protect yourself and your family against a wide range of cyber threats

The cybercrime landscape is changing fast.  Today, families and individuals, not just businesses, face significant cyber threats. 

Today, technology is part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s how we communicate, purchase items and/or coordinate our family’s busy schedule, we are heavily reliant on technology.

Our dependence on the internet, and the exponential growth of web-enabled devices and social media, has resulted in people being much more interconnected. And that’s introduced new risks into our homes and everyday lives that must be managed.

Personal Cyber Insurance is about more than the bits and bytes in your laptop, tablets and smart devices. It covers you, your family, your identity, your reputation, your money and your time (wage replacement) when a cyber event occurs.

As technology continues to infiltrate our lives, protecting yourself and your family against cyber risks has never been more important. Take the time and make the effort: diligence makes a difference. And for extra peace of mind, make Personal Cyber Protection Insurance part of your household’s cyber risk mitigation and recovery strategy.

Cover for cyber events

  • Malware
  • Viruses
  • Cyber espionage
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Cyber theft
  • Identity theft, and more

Anti-social behaviour

  • Cyberbullying
  • Cyberstalking
  • Cyber harassment

Cyber event response costs

  • Credit and identity monitoring
  • Cyber extortion (ransomware)
  • Data restoration costs
  • Data securing costs
  • Legal costs

* Incident response solution 24/7/365 hotline *

Protect your family with a personal cyber policy today

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Understanding the different cyber threats

Cyber extortion

Attacks or threatened attacks against your home IT infrastructure, coupled with demands for money to stop attacks.

Identify theft

The unauthorised access to and use of your identity because of a cyber event to your home IT.


Malicious or unauthorised home IT infrastructure access or malware that aims to gain control of systems.

Personal financial loss

Loss of funds due to cyber theft. Also includes charges or costs incurred by
you due to sim-jacking or crypto-jacking.


Electronic communication through your home IT that targets your child or teenage family member with the aim of tormenting, harassing, humiliating or otherwise targeting them.

Wage replacement benefit

Payment of lost wages as a result of taking unpaid leave in reponse to a cyber theft, sim-jacking, identity theft, cyberbullying or cyberstalking.


Malicious use of your home IT to stalk, abuse, control or frighten you.

Repair to e-reputation costs

The removal or mitigation of internet publications that defame your reputation.

Claims examples

Ransomware Virus

Identify Theft

Cyber Crime

Claim Scenario 

Sarah was working on her computer when she clicked on a plausible email attachment which unleashed a malware virus. As a result, this locked all of her important files.

As a result, Sarah was unable to access the files on her computer unless she paid a Ransom of $10,000.

Personal Cyber Solution

Provides cover for cyber event response costs to remove the virus, restore data, and secure the home IT. An IT expert who specialises in ransomware attacks would be appointed to remove the malware and get Sarah’s computer operational again.

Claim Scenario 

Daniel received an email on his computer allegedly from a popular social media platform stating he needed to verify his account by clicking on the provided link.

Daniel clicked on the link, and a couple of days later he was unable to log in to his social media accounts. As it turns out, Daniel had downloaded malware onto his computer that allowed a cybercriminal to steal Daniels’ personal information and identity. 

Personal Cyber Solution 

Provides cover for cyber event response costs to remove the virus, restore data, and secure the home IT. The policy would also provide identity theft response costs to help the policyholder re-establish their identity and essential records.

If Daniel had to take time off work to rectify his personal records and lost wages as a result, he could be entitled to wage replacement benefits as part of his claim. 

Claim Scenario 

Robin received an email on her computer that looked like it was from her bank. 

The email required Robin to download an attachment to ‘verify’ her account details. It turns out, the email was not from Robin’s bank, it was a fake email from a hacker. 

The attachment Robin downloaded was a keylogger virus that recorded Robin’s login details for various accounts including the login to her bank account. 

The hacker then gained access to Robin’s bank account and transferred $5,000 from Robin’s account to their own.  

Personal Cyber Solution

Provides cover for policy holders’ funds that are transferred as a result of cyber theft.

Personal Cyber Protection Insurance also provides cover for cyber event response costs to remove the virus, restore data, and secure the policyholder’s home IT.