Specialty Insurance

Unique cover for you

We can source specialty insurance cover for those ‘hard to get’ scenarios.

Our team specialises on unique types of cover that fit outside the box of traditional insurance options.

Experience Worx

Experience-Worx Insurance for volunteers and interns

Did you realise work experience placements or volunteers aren’t covered under your business insurance policies? 

There’s an affordable and quick way to get cover.



We offer a unique insurance solution for conveyancers to protect themselves from professional indemnity.  

It is the only policy approved by NSW Fair Trading.

Franchisee Insurance


We can help your Franchise group benefit from group buying power by sourcing a Group Plan that meets the needs and budgets of Franchisors and Franchisees.

Strata Insurance

Strata Insurance Options

We can arrange quotes for Strata Insurance for you.

Strata Insurance is designed for residential and commercial buildings under a strata, group or body corporate.  

Hospitality Insurance

Hospitality Insurance Australia

We get hospitality.  We’re used to looking after cafes, restaurants and large hospitality groups.

We use our industry knowledge to tailor an insurance package that meets your needs and budget.

Optometry Insurance


Our extensive understanding of the Optical Industry means we can analyse and review your insurance requirements to customise an insurance policy that meets the specific needs of the optical industry.

Trades Insurance

Trades Insurance Australia

Our special Tradies Insurance Package includes insurance to cover your Public Liability risks, Tools of Trade, Vehicles, Stock and Contents and Workers Compensation Services.

Film & Media Insurance


We have developed a specialist package for Freelancers.  Cover is worldwide for your Equipment, Drones, Liability and Personal Accident & Illness.  Cover the Crew.

Life Sciences

Business Insurance for Managers

The team have a great understanding of the Life Science Industry, especially medical devices and clinical trials. 

We know what’s needed to customise a policy for you.

And we get how the supply chain works. 



Are you an Arborist engaged in tree-lopping or other horticultural pursuits.

We can tailor liability insurance cover to match your role and the risks  you face.

Cover can extend to “errors & omissions” where reports and advice are provided.


Risk Manager reading a report

Do you do business overseas?
Need to understand what’s involved and how to protect yourself in other countries?

Talk to us, we can arrange outbound and inbound cover for you via Uniba Partners. 

More about them below.

Interested in any of our specialty insurance options?

Get in touch with the team to arrange a quote.

Global Risk Insurance

Specialty Insurance Cover


In a world where business crosses international borders, global insurance is a necessity. 

We can help you navigate the rules relating to insurance in foreign countries. Making sense of unfamiliar laws and requirements. 

  • As a member of the global insurance broker network, UNiBA Partners, we work with international counterparts to support your risk management, insurance buying and employee benefits needs worldwide.
  • We have relationships with wholesale brokers and underwriters offshore including in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Americas. These brokers and underwriters use their local knowledge and expertise to establish insurance programs that protect our clients’ overseas exposures. Typically, these programmes involve purchasing local policies in each country where the business operates or creating a master policy with difference in conditions or difference in limits coverage over and above the local policies.
  • Sourcing an insurer with international capabilities, negotiating the best coverage and reviewing risk exposures also forms part of the global insurance programme.
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