Jet Ski and Personal Watercraft Insurance

Jet Ski and Personal Watercraft Insurance

Jet Ski Insurance specialists.

You may be wondering.  Do I really need to insure my Jet Ski? Why do I need Jet Ski or Personal Watercraft Insurance (Boat Insurance)?

It’s for peace of mind. 

When you own a car, you get insurance to cover yourself from loss.  Jet Ski and Boat Insurance works in a similar way. 

Here at Austbrokers SPT, Miranda, we know a lot about what’s important to Jet Ski owners.  You want to have fun, riding those waves and getting out and about on the water.  

Not worrying about insurance.  


Before you proceed:

It is important to understand what this insurance covers.

When considering your options, please read the Product Disclosure Statements and the Target Market Determinations below;

PWC Comprehensive Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination

PWC Liability Only Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination

Accidental Damage

Cover for an accident, natural disaster, fire and theft (in or out of the water).

Personal Accident

If you have an accident while using your Jet Ski we will pay a sum for death or permanent total disablement.


 If your Jet Ski is stolen, we will cover you up to your sum insured or market value (whichever is the lesser). 

3rd Party Liability

If you are negligent and cause harm to someone else or their property while using your Jet Ski you are covered for 5mil, 10mil or 20mil (whichever is selected)


Jet Ski Insurance Safety Tips

Here’s what you can do to keep your Jet Ski safe too. 

  • Keep your Jet Ski Secure at all times by making sure your Jet Ski is stored in a locked garage or locked yard. Remember to use the approved security device!
  • Follow the speed limit. Just like you would on the road. 
    If you were exceeding the speed limit and had an accident your claim may not be approved.
  • When using your trailer, make sure you have someone guiding you into the water at all times.
  • Put a cover over your Jet Ski when not in use to avoid damage from the environment. .
  • You need to keep your Jet Ski in good repair (and sea worthy).

General Exclusions;
Parasailing or other aerial activities aren’t covered.
Racing is covered as an optional extra.  

Talk to Niki, our Jet Ski and PWC specialist insurance broker or ask for a quote.