Why use an insurance broker?

With online options available you may be wondering why you need an insurance broker anymore.

It’s never been easier to get insurance with the click of a button.
But most people don’t really understand the type of cover they need or how much they should insure for. Often finding out (much too late), that cover they have bought online doesn’t meet their needs.

An insurance broker can help you save time, money and worry.

What insurance is right for you?
Most online products are a one-size fits all type of policy. Meaning there’s not much room to adapt cover to match your circumstances. Which could mean you’re left out of pocket if you do ever have to claim.

An insurance broker gets to know you so they can confidently recommend cover that matches your risk appetite, asset protection and budget.

An Insurance Broker does the shopping around for you. It’s their job to find the right cover to meet your needs.

Great reasons to use an insurance broker

You don’t know
what you need.

You can’t get cover elsewhere.

You want someone on your side when it’s time to claim.

You need help to understand insurance.

You want to sleep at night knowing you’re covered.

We can help you understand insurance

Have you ever tried to read an insurance policy? It can be confusing if you’re not familiar with how it works.

It’s not surprising many people don’t read the fine print.

But it’s important to ready when you buy an insurance policy. Because when you buy an insurance policy what you’re really doing is entering into a contract.

Within the policy terms and conditions, they talk about what is or isn’t covered, policy limits and what happens if you need to make a claim. 

So, like you’d get a lawyer to read over a contract, an insurance broker will help you understand what you’re buying.

Your insurance broker is there to represent you. Here’s what you can expect.

What's the difference between a risk manager and an insurance broker?

You may have noticed that here at SPT we also refer to ourselves as Risk Managers. That’s because in our minds, placing insurance is the last thing we do.


A risk manager’s job is to protect you and your business from all the things that could go wrong.

With experience on their side, Risk Managers are trained to see the risks you may miss or not even consider.  Known as a risk assessment.

They then come up with strategies to manage, minimise or transfer risk in ways that protect your business and help you confidently mange the day-to-day.