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Thanks to clients like you who keep referring people to us our business continues to grow.

We’re able to help more people feel safe knowing they are managing their risks and protected against ones they can’t control.

So, thank you. We appreciate you and the referrals you’ve sent our way.

Everyone who refers will get a special little something from us.

It’s our way of saying thanks.

Who to refer

We’re often told, hey, I’d love to refer people to you but I don’t really know who you help the most.
So, here’s a few scenarios you may recognise.

Small business owners who are confused about insurance.
Who quite possibly don’t know the potential risks they may face in their business and need advice on the right insurance for them.

Businesses who are having a growth spurt may find themselves underinsured because they haven’t changed their insurance to catch up with their growth.

People who can’t get off-the-shelf insurance
You may know someone who is having trouble getting insurance because their needs don’t fit the norm. For example, someone who has a house near the water with a private jetty and it’s not covered under regular insurance.

We also help large corporates to manage risk across their organisation and we can arrange large group policies for them.

Risk Manager reading a report

Do you know someone who could use our help?

Talk to your account executive or pass on our details.