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Looking to expand your business overseas?

When looking at expanding your business overseas, although exciting, it can also be a daunting process to understand all that is involved.  

Some of the things you may wish to consider are: 

  • International laws and taxes you need to know and abide by
  • Employee Benefits and how they are managed
  • Potential risks are you exposed to when operating your business globally.
    For example, a factory fire, a cyber attack, a government coup, natural disasters to name a few
  • What can you manage? What can you protect?
  • What business insurance is mandatory in some countries?
  • How will you manage claims (and repairs) if something goes wrong

Having the right mix of insurance and risk management in place is as important as the structure of your overseas venture and something which requires more than just an after thought. 

Working with us allows access to our International Broking Group, UNIBA Partners to help manage how to best structure new venture. 

Uniba Partners is our international partnership of over 70+ independent, owner-led insurance brokers working together. Established in 1987, Uniba Partners has evolved into a global platform assisting clients with their insurance and risk management requirements in over 130 countries across the world.

It’s through these connections we are able to identify how best to take advantage of our network partners to help with your expansion overseas.

“Uniba Partners provides a roadmap to workable solutions all over the world. It enables its group members to provide a service that almost no other competitor can offer.”  Uniba Partner | Robert Havekotte | Van Luin | The Netherlands

How we work with UNIBA Partners to arrange international insurance for you

Please keep in mind the insurance requirement in each country is different and our experience of working with Uniba Partners allows us to navigate this on your behalf.

Australian businesses looking to expand internationally

  • Identify how you are expanding overseas (physical presence or using agencies) 
  • Update your risk profile to reflect you new activities 
  • Make the necessary changes to your insurance program 
  • Negotiate the local placement of any new insurance cover required with our preferred partner

International businesses looking to expand to Australia

  • Consider how you are expanding your business into Australia and what legal accounting and taxation issues should be considered. This can impact how your insurance cover operates in Australia
  • Our global experience allows us to work with your existing business and risk advisors
  • We act on your behalf locally and brief your advisors on how best to manage your local risks

Global Risk Insurance

International cover via

Who are UNIBA Partners?

UNIBA Partners is an owner-led, client-centric global network that provides insurance broking, risk management and employee benefits solutions.

Key Facts
  • Partners in over 130 countries
  • 100% owner led brokers
  • Combined team of over 4,000 people

Ready to work Internationally?

We’d love to talk to you about how our international broking network can help your business. 

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