ExperienceWorx Insurance

Personal Accident & Liability Insurance for:


School students seeking work experience opportunities. 


University and Tafe students engaging in internships or volunteer work.


Individuals participating in unpaid work arrangements.

Return To Work

Persons returning to the workforce to gain experience and confidence to re-enter a work place.

Group Policies

Group cover available on a short-term or annual bases. Contact our office direct if you require a group policy.

Experience the difference with these policy benefits:


Personal Accident

$100,000 Personal Accident coverage in the event of an accident during your unpaid work arrangement.


Personal Liability

$10 Million Personal Liability coverage in the event of a personal injury and/or property damage claim. 


No Waiting Time

Get immediate coverage for your unpaid work, which starts from 4pm on the date you select. 


Multiple Employers

Coverage that insures you under a variety of occupations at any one time. 


Optional Time Frames

Tailored to match the duration of your unpaid work arrangement. Short-term and/or annual policies are available. 

“Thank you for your outstanding customer service. Your company has enabled me to engage in volunteer work that I wouldn’t have been able to pursue without your assistance!”

Catherine, Upwey VIC

“Efficient, quick, easy, and affordable! Experience Worx puts the companies allowing work experience at ease.”

James, Mount Samson, QLD

“Applying for coverage was a breeze. Experience Worx provides a useful site for anyone in search of work experience opportunities.”

Sid, Canning Vale, WA

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