How to stop thieves taking off with your Jet Ski


Jet Ski Anti Theft Measures

Unfortunately though, you’re not the only one who loves your Jet Ski.

Thieves often target Jet Skis because they see them as easy pickings. There’s nothing worse than the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you discover your Jet Ski is not where you left it.

So, let’s get in their way……stop them from ruining your summer plans.                  

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Here’s how you can ramp up your security and keep your Jet Ski safe. 

JetSki Anti-Theft tactics

Keep your Jet Ski in a locked building or garage

When you keep your Jet Ski on the street, thieves see it as an opportunity to strike.

Keeping your Jet Ski out of sight and secure is a great deterrent and may be a requirement by your Insurer. 

Insurers will look for forcible entry to the premises and/or forcible removal of the Jet Ski if a theft claim occurs.

Use an approved anti-theft device at all times

Even if you’re only leaving your Jet Ski for a few moments, you need to make sure it’s locked with an approved anti-theft device.
Jet Ski thefts are often opportunistic. 

If your Jet Ski is left unattended (event for a few moments) without a security device attached, it makes it a lot easier to steal. That’s why you need to make sure your Jet Ski is secure at all times.

Approved locks are:

· Hitch Helmet

· Klamp It

· Marine Guard

· Trailer Cop / Safety Lock

Be mindful of how much info you share

We’ve all heard stories where people who are hanging out at boat ramps just like you, pretend to want to get to know you. When in fact, they are scoping out where you live and where you keep your Jet Ski so they can come back later and get it.

Just be mindful of how much information you are sharing with strangers, especially around where your Jet Ski is stored.

If you follow the anti-theft tips, you’ve got a much better chance of protecting your Jet Ski from being stolen.

1.Keep your Jet Ski in your garage (out of sight)
2.Always use an approved Anti-Theft device 
3.Keep your cards to your chest – don’t tell people where you keep your Jet Ski you’ve a much better chance of protecting your Jet Ski from being stolen. 


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